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Participating in Logic Kids

Our Program is organized and available for all Educational Institutions. You can temporarily run the program on your campus with a minimum of 2 weeks on our Spark Program Model or you can subscribe to our Club-based training model or the Class-based (Curriculum Based) training model.

Training Models
Lesson Structures

Spark Program

Our Spark Program is an initial call or final booster to the participation in our program. This training model lasts a duration of 2 weeks to 1 month and it encompases all our programs depending on what you subscribe to at the time of participating.

Club-based Training

You can participate on Logic Kids Program by signing up for this model. With this training model, a coding club is established on your campus and a day or two (depending on the size of members in a club) is scheduled for the training to take place at your school premises.

Class-based Training

This form of training integrates our coding lessons to your school curriculum – With this, it will be treated as a subject in your school. With this form of training, the institution must fix an appropriate time that will not interfere with other school activities. Every report will be forwarded to the school in real time

In order to participate in our Coding for kids program, with all things considered, the following expectations must be met:
A working ICT Laboratory with a minimum of 10 functioning computers.
A white board or a projector at the ICT Laboratory.
Operating systems on computers must be windows 7 and/or later
ICT Laboratory must be spacious enough and well arranged.
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