Our Coding Programs
Courses we train kids in

Beginner Lessons
Introductory Lessons for Newbies

Beginner LessonsThis lessons introduces pupils to basic computer knowlegde. It is a start guide to pupils and get them to familiarize themselves with basic computer skills.

Scratch Coding
Block Coding for Kids

Scratch CodingThis program is designed for pupils with no basic computer programming knowledge. It is recommended for pupils in basic 1 to basic 5 as a start coding program and has all the tools to get them started to do real world works.

Website Development
HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Website DevelopmentThis program is to get pupils to design robust websites with the current technologies available. Beginner lessons include HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, PHP and JavaScript. Advance lessons make use of available frameworks like React, Angular with other features and concepts.

Software Development
Frameworks, Languages & Patterns

Software DevelopmentThis program focuses on guiding pupils into the world of software and it is recommended for pupils who show tremendous improvements in their fields of study. Programming Languages available under this include Java, Python, C++ and Visual Basic.