Logic School System
The Management System you need for your School!

Logic School System
The System you just need!

Logic School System is a robust and secure real-time web-based school information management system designed by Logicians Ghana to enable educational institutions to manage their resources effectively and take absolute control of their data. This system is highly customizable and it is designed with the progress, security, interactivity and control of institutions in mind.

For enhanced performance and stability, this application has 4 main sections which are centralized and works in real-time. You also have options to have us modify the system to suite your standards in the shortest possible time.

A manual of this software system is available and you may request for it when you get in touch with us.

You may Fill This Form to request credentials to test the software system.

This system has more features than you expect

It is recommended you test the demo application online with the required credentials. You may get in touch with us for credentials to access these portals. Here are some (any many more) features our system contain.

Generate Reports

Send Messages via Email and SMS

Process Examination reports

Account Profile Manipulation

Real-time updates and feedback

Centralized system

Unlimited storage space

Data visualization

Absolute Control of data

Simple UI and easy to navigate

Access via multiple screens

Real time security with SSL

Long-term Support

Other Free Services

Yet, Many More ✔

Accounts Portal
Collecting of all fees types, generation of reports, payslip and all finance information.
Administrator's Portal
This is the core application and comprises all functionalities of every other portal designed for the Administrator
Teachers Portal
Manage student records, mark attendance and process exams reports and assignments.
Students Portal
Real-time access to their information, reports, news, timetables and others.

You may access the portal with the following links. (It is required you Request Credentials to continue)

Administrator Portal

Accounts Portal

Staff Portal

Student Portal (*Mobile Only)

You may request for our pricing information by getting in touch with us via any of our platforms.
Images from our system
Logic School SystemAdministrator Dashboard
Exams Processing - Logic School SystemSample Examination Report
Attendance Report - Logic School SystemSample Attendance Processing
Sending Emails - Logic School SystemSample Email Report
Student Portal - Logic School SystemStudent Portal - Logic Page
Finance Processing - Logic School SystemSample Fee Payment Receipt
SMS - Logic School SystemSample SMS Message
Administrator Section - Logic School SystemAdmin Dashboard (Mobile)
Data Report - Logic School SystemSample Data Report