About Us
Defining the Future Through <Codes />

Logic Kids Ghana is an educational organization that focus on giving a STEM-based training to kids in the country. We aim to define the future of kids by giving them what it takes to make the world a better place.We have a comprehensive curriculum the makes our lessons exactly what you would expect!

Program Categories

We have an arsenal of Coding programs (Computer Programming) that proiritizes the ability of kids to do. We have beginner lessons, Scratch Coding, Website and Software Application Development.

Our Programs also encourage team work and research works amongst kids. We believe every kid is a genius and hence we work to bring out that genius in them through practical training to make them resilient, critical thinkers, innovative and creative


We organise our programs for both Private/Individual and Public Institutions.Private Schools can also get in touch with us to integrate our lessons to their existing ones by establishing a CODING CLUB at their Schools