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Scratch,Python and Robotics for kids

Why coding for kids?
Why the need to start now!

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Critical Thinking
Coding requires kids to use their brain power to come out with solutions
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Improves Creativity
Enables kids to be creative by implementing ideas to solve a problem.
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Drives Innovation
Encourages kids to observe, visualize and design ideas into existence
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Competitive Advantage
Gives kids the urge over others in similar qualification requirements

Our Motivation
Understand our Why

We envision a world in which the average African kid knows how to write computer programs. We are a team of self-motivated individuals who are committed to the course of raising a generation of technology-inclined kids with a well-planned outline of our programs.

Our Programs
Active Coding Programs

Intro Lessons-Logic Kids Ghana

Intro Lessons

Scratch-Logic Kids Ghana


HTML,CSS & JS-Logic Kids Ghana


Python-Logic Kids Ghana